Accounting & Business Process

We provide wide array of Accounting & Business process to the diverse sectors. Our team of expert professionals of Accounting Standards, IND-AS and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) take holistic approach of accounting and reporting. We can support in designing and preparation of accounting manuals, reporting formats, bookkeeping, compliance and preparation of financial statements.

  • We can deliver customized accounting & business process manual for the company / organization.
  • Prepare recording and control structure for accounting of transaction and various business process.
  • Prepare flow chart for Account and Business process in routine and critical transaction and processes.
  • Recording, managing, procurement, sanction quality control and after sales service management
  • Recording of all transactions related to expenses, income, assets & liabilities.
  • Preparation of general ledger and subsidiary ledgers.
  • Assets accounting and maintenance of fixed assets register.
  • Accounts receivables and age-wise reporting to management
  • Accounts payables including overdue liabilities.
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Trial balance
  • Cash flow statement
  • Preparation of various reports required for compliance under applicable Rules & Regulations such as GST/TDS etc.
  • Preparation of Annual Financial statements (Income statement (Profit & Loss), Balance-sheet)
  • MIS – including Ageing report & summaries
  • BPO services,
  • The main services offered include accounting business process management and auditing. Firm can help you with long-range planning. we can also help you determine how to achieve the break even and what your cash-flow needs are. These services help you plan your next moves, figure out whether you are making a profit and making decisions about your company’s growth.
  • Accounting firms conduct audits by examining not only financial records, but also the processes and controls in place to ensure records are being properly kept. Financial practices help support your business goals and are the most efficient way to do so.