Consultancy in AI Base Business Process Automation

This is the emerging technology and the future of business process automation, we assist you in selecting, implementing and using AI platform, Artificial Intelligence is the Machine learning models it can be inserted into RPA workflows to perform machine perception tasks, like image recognition, like tasks that the human brain can perform in seconds, the output can be plugged into a larger flow of business logic.

RPA and AI are two horizontal technologies that are distinct in their goals and interfaces we assist clients in using right technology base on cost benefit analysis and the critical process required to be automated.

As AI is a horizontal technology that makes decisions about data. Sometimes it makes decisions, or predictions, based on rules that humans manually wrote (rules engines); sometimes it makes decisions based on a bunch of numeric parameters that it arrived at after much trial and error (machine learning).

We analyze the effectiveness & accuracy of decision taken by AI and the resource utilization.

AI is an umbrella term that includes rules engines, i.e. programs that are capable of rewriting themselves in response to their environment or the data they’re exposed to. Advances in AI allow us to make more accurate decisions about the data. In some cases, the accuracy can surpass human accuracy. But the cost of using AI the scale and quantity & quality of data matters we help you here in finding best business move with competitive edge.

RPA attempts to solve essential problems like Spreadsheets (VisiCalc, Lotus and now, pre dominantly, Excel) and Python, which is most interesting in the way it gives smart people untrained in software engineering a set of powerful computational tools. In any case, RPA aspires to do this as well. We provide you smart solution from spread sheet to specialized RPA and AI tools.

RPA is intended to save business and white-collar workers time. RPA is built by RPA engineers via a GUI, which they use to arrange the sequence of tasks RPA automates. For the most part RPA is based on rules, or if-then statements that tell a program what to do under certain conditions. Here we use RPA to capture the human behavior driving business processes so that it can be automated & when it is used in combination of AI it increases degree of precision by many folds in any business process.

We can employ AI as a component within an RPA workflow. More and more RPA vendors are using AI in the products. Useful applications of advanced AI in RPA could include image recognition (in order to recognize images on a screen more reliably) or text analysis here our team consult you on the bases of Industrial trends, scope, commercial viability & feasibility.