Forex Management

We provide Forex management consultancy and compliance services for wide sphere of business and individual requirement. We offer in-depth advice on various foreign exchange matters including compliance with FEMA and FDI regulations governing outbound and inbound investments, according to the SEBI guidelines, RBI notifications and other govt. regulations

Our range of services include:

  • Instruction about the bank accounts that can be opened by a foreign national in India
  • Instruct whether a foreign national can invest in immovable properties, shares etc. in India.
  • Suggestions the procedure for remittance of salary outside India and other incomes like rent, interest etc. earned in India.
  • Knowledge regarding the repatriation outside India of the sales proceeds of shares, immovable properties, etc.
  • Suggestions on foreign exchange regulations in respect of assets acquired outside India before visiting India.
  • Instructions the procedure for obtaining a Person of Indian Origin card/Overseas Citizenship of India.
  • Rules and Regulations on setting up a liaison office.
  • Instructions regarding preparation of letters seeking approval/permission from the exchange control authorities like Obtaining Investment approvals from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) or the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as applicable.
  • Formulating an entry strategy into India such as Opening a Liaison Office, Subsidiary Company etc.
  • Formulating an appropriate Investment strategy for Companies / Corporations seeking to invest in India.
  • Assist in obtaining approvals for External Commercial Borrowings.