Portfolio Management

We provide 360-degree portfolio management service. This service helps investor at each stage of investment and also ensures the profitability. Our dedicated team understand the art and science of selecting portfolio and overseeing a group of investments that meet the short term as well as long-term financial objectives and risk tolerance of a client, company, or an institution.

Portfolio management requires the ability to weigh strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats across the full spectrum of investments. The choices involve trade-offs, from debt versus equity to domestic versus international and growth versus safety.

Our range of services include: Complete Investment Strategy-

Security Analysis

Examining the risk factors, as well as the expected returns of individual securities and aligning with the investors risk appetite and financial goals.

Portfolio Analysis

Identifying the potential opportunities and the respective risk involve in it, we provide a number of feasible portfolios.

Portfolio Selection

We can suggest the optimal portfolios out of feasible portfolios on request of Investor, which is best suited for the investors according to his needs and goals, is selected.

Portfolio Revision

Once the portfolio is selected, our portfolio manager and the team of research analysts, keep a close eye on the portfolio, to make sure that no opportunity is missed of earning best returns for the investor.

Portfolio Evaluation

The performance of the portfolio is assessed periodically to evaluate the quantitative measurement of the return obtained against the risk involved in the portfolio, for the whole term of the investment. If there is a requirement of changes in the portfolio to achieve the specific return expectation the asset allocation is also drifted which in turn helps to achieve the goal within a stipulated period of time.